2 February 2014

London | Baileys Fish & Chips

Fish and chips to London is like Hainanese chicken rice to Singapore. The  sinful deep fried stuff originated from England and was a staple in the olden days. Like how tourists google for the most delicious chicken rice in Singapore, we purposely researched on where was the best fish and chips in London. Which brought us to Baileys, the best fish & chips in London per Tripadvisor.

When we opened the door, we were greeted by a claustrophobic corridor of bar seats. Not really something we liked but never mind it's still more comfortable than taking the MRT train during rush hour. The greasy smell from frying the fish occupied every corner of the room and by the time we finished eating, we smelled like cod fish.

There was a lunch time special at £5.25. They called it Cod and Chips. Unlike Singapore where we used dory fish, the Londoners use cod fish. I made the unwise decision of ordering 2 sets of the same thing because 1 set is really sufficient for 2 people. Haiz when can I ever master sound judgment?

I loved how crispy the skin was, and how moist and flaky the flesh was. It simply disintegrated when my fork cut through. Loved the tar tar sauce provided. The chips were made from real potato and were crispy. Although it was very tasty, the serving was too big. By the time I was halfway, I already wanted to surrender. Nevertheless, it's still one of the best fish and chips I've ever had!

115 Dawes Rd

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