19 January 2014

Madam Kwan's

I had a chance to eat at Madam Kwan's, which I previously read somewhere that their nasi lemak is listed as one of Malaysia's most treasured dishes by the country's tourism board. Expectations were raised and I wanted to find out for myself if it was indeed The Nasi Lemak.

Ambience: Decor was comtemporary and the restaurant was bright. Get those seats near the window looking out to the sea and Sentosa. I like the cushioned seats by the side too, some of which were catered to bigger crowds with round tables. However, the fragrance of the food attracted some annoying flies. Or is it me who is nice-smelling?

There was no need to flip the menu. Of course I ordered the nasi lemak ($13.90++ ). What can I say... Almost everything was shiok. The chicken that was soaked in wonderful curry that was creamy and spicy - checked. The rice which every single grain was well coated with fragrant coconut milk - yup. The fiery salty sambal chili that had me reaching for my water after every time I tried to swallow it with my rice - Yumms. And the accompanied ikan bilies that delivered a hot and spicy rush - uh huh. The dry egg and the picked vegetables  - not a big fan though. 4.25/5

Curry laksa ($11.90++) is supposedly a cross-breed - between my two favourite foods curry and laksa - invented by the Malaysians. My friend has this and she thought it tasted more like curry. I had a sip and agreed. Think the gravy is more like curry but the ingredients such as tau pok, laksa leaves are unmistakenly laksa's. 3.5/5

For dessert, we had the cendol ($4.90++). Be generous when pouring in the sugar syrup provided separately or else it will be bland. Refreshing sweet red beans, milky syrup mixed with shaved ice, smooth jelly - A perfect chendol in my opinion. 5/5

Though the quality is there, I think the price point is a bit off. At $13.90++, it was the most expensive Nasi Lemak I've eaten. Not a cheap place for hawker food. Service was alright except that I didn't like to pay for plain water - seriously it doesn't make sense. But at least it's good that I don't have to travel to KL to eat this (although by 2020, it might change with the new high speed train). A place which it's ok to visit once in a long while, but not often because of the price. 

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