3 June 2014

Concetto by Saveur

I always tell my younger brother that he is so lucky to have me as his elder sister. I believe he had an easier time getting into the same primary school as me because my name was in his application. (In Singapore, siblings get priority in Pri 1 enrollment.)

No link? Look at Concetto by Saveur. Because its name has a "by Saveur", it started with a bang. Even my hermit friend who doesn't care about who just opened a new restaurant, knows Concetto by Saveur is likely to be the same as its sister restaurant Saveur - cheap and good. Just like how Saveur has been able to satisfy masses with its good and affordable French cuisine.

The menu is made up of small plates for sharing, as well as pastas. We had a choice of hand-made or machine-made pasta. And of course hand-made pastas cost slightly more.

I ordered the creamy pork pasta ($9.90+, below) which is basically fettuccine, with confit pork, and a sous vide egg, covered in creamy carbonara sauce. We both agreed that other than the pork which was soft and fork-tender, the rest of the pasta was average. Normal cream-based pasta. I wished I could say more than normal. I guess I still prefer tomato-based to cream-based pastas. 3.5/5

The prawn aglio ($10.90+, below), made with tagliatelle, tiger prawn and sakura ebi, was labelled with an unfortunate nickname - high class mee pok. High class because it is costlier than mee pok. Maybe it was because we ordered the handmade pasta so it tasted different from the machine-made pasta we were used to. The other ingredients of the dish failed to impress us.  2.5/5

The service crew seemed to be very young and not confident enough, especially when I drilled asked them questions about the menu. 

Overall, guess I won't be going back anytime soon.. 

The Cathay
2 Handy Road
Singapore 229233

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