13 June 2014

Octapas Spanish Tapas Bar

It was a dramatic and emotional Friday at work and I wanted needed to end it with alcohol at Octapas at Clarke Quay. 

I didn't take pics of the place because I didn't want to risk being beaten by some drunkard who caught me taking photos of him. So here're some pics of the place from Octapas website.

Red lighting provides the mood and ambience for relaxation. They have an alfresco dining area by the river..

As well as indoors that is set with bar tables..  Not really air-conditioned but I think it's cooler than outdoors.

We were seated right in front of the stage.. where a live band will perform at 10pm.

Since we are at a Spanish tapas place, we ordered lychee sangria ($15.50++, below). It came with a lychee fruit and tiny apple pieces, and tasted bittersweet. Just like my life on that miserable Friday. It was actually quite strong because I felt a little giddy after a while. Not because I'm a loser k.. My friend, who is a regular recurring drunkard experienced drinker and also a walking disaster when drunk  walking encyclopedia of alcohol, also found it strong.

The Grilled Octapas ($17.50++, below) which was grilled octopus and potatoes and supposedly seasoned with paprika. The reason why I said supposedly is because I didn't taste any paprika. The meat was a bit charred and tough. I suspect it was over grilled. You know, like how we over barbecue our food because we are not sure if it's cooked.. And the result is hard meat. The portion is rather small for 2 pax. 2.5/5

We ordered the Mariscos Paella ($38++, below). Basically it is seafood paella, comprising of squids, mussels, shrimps and fish. Served piping hot, the paella was quite tasty and they were quite generous with the seafood.  However I found the rice too mushy and wet. 3.5/5

We enjoyed the live band and they were seriously quite good! 

The music was a bit too loud for me but I believe it was because we were seated right in front of the band.
Overall, although the food was so-so, and the service was so-so (oh did I mention our prawns never came?),  it's still a great way to unwind and start the weekend with a live band. You can make song dedications too. Here's a short clip of the live band singing "All of me".

Life is better when you are drunk.
Because fish mermaids are too mainstream.
Address:  Blk D, #01-08 Clarke Quay,
River Valley Road, Singapore 179023

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