25 May 2014

Nam Nam Noodle Bar

Nam Nam is a place that I've always heard about. It has been satisfying hungry tummies with affordable, healthy (think: no MSG) Vietnamese pho for the longest time. But my taste bud only got on it recently. I have a reasonable excuse:

The queues are always bloody long!

On one fine night at 8.45pm, I saw there was no queue. Fate prevailed and I was destined to get my hands on a bowl of Nam Nam's pho. Finally!

The menu comprises of phos (Vietnamese noodle soups), banh mi (toasted baguettes with meat and vegetable fillings), and also other well known Vietnamese side dishes such as spring rolls. Prices are mostly below $10 (screammmm!!). Ordering is easy - Pay at the cashier and they will deliver the food.

We got the pho chicken ($7.90). The soup was flavourful and infused with herbs and spices (not sure but I think I tasted lemongrass, cinnamon, pepper), spring onions. The citrusy and peppery soup was boiled for 24 hours with the spices and it was tasty even without MSG. We can't really appreciate the lemony spices. I loved the thin flat noodles which were very smooth and slippery. The chicken was a little tough and not flavourful enough. 3.75/5

We got the crispy fried chicken ($4.90) as our side. I loved this a lot! The skin was caramelised with fish sauce and garnished with sesame seeds which gave it a crunchy and crispy texture on the outside, while the meat was tender on the inside. 4/5

The only problem is there were only 3 wings. Not a good idea for sharing between 2 people. 2 competitive people.

The small restaurant was a little cramped but it was cosy enough with its red lanterns, kitchenware that invoked the nostalgic vibe, and newspaper-wallpapers, trying to bring a flavour of street food scene from Vietnam. 

Overall, a good place for Vietnamese cuisine! They just opened a new outlet at Plaza Sing. 

Raffles City
252 North Bridge Road #B1-46/47 singapore 179103
Opening hours: 8am to 9.30pm

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