20 June 2014

Sho Teppan

Whenever I feel like cooking minus the dish-washing, I'll go to Sho Teppan, a DIY cum personal teppanyaki/shabu-shabu restaurant. 

The table setting doesn't make sense for groups more than 2 because you have to sit in a row, rather than opposite each other. It's kind of like a bar table set up with bar chairs that don't have a backing.  I would also prefer if there were shelves or something to place our bags on, instead of our slim thighs.

One can choose either teppanyaki or shabu-shabu, but I think not both. Because each person gets his own teppanyaki/shabu-shabu. There's a range of meats from beef to seafood. For teppanyaki, you can choose from 4 types of sauces: teppanyaki, teriyaki, black pepper, miso. For shabu-shabu, you can choose sweet or salty base. The sets come with salad in shoyu dressing which makes it salty, yummy and appetizing. 

Marbled pork shabu shabu set ($15.90++)
Layered pork teppanyaki set ($12.90++)

I got the teppanyaki with teppanyaki sauce. My companion got the shabu-shabu in salty base, which is boring and doesn't really showcase my cooking talent. 

Everytime when I say I have cooking talent, people start to roll their eyes/stare at me. To those who think I only know how to eat but not cook, I'll show them this glorious photo of my best work and let evidence speak for itself:
Best Sambal Sotong & Shrimp by Yours truly 
I am sure Gordon Ramsay would never say this of my works. 
Credits: Quickmeme.com
Or this.
Credits: Memecenter.com

End of bragging. Sorry I digressed.. I just had to.

Please don't assume a chef will appear and cook the raw food for you hor. Unless you are a real emperor. Then maybe. Otherwise, please mix the sauces with the raw food, stir and fry the food until it is cooked (brownish). Try not to over cook until it becomes burnt offerings. But if you really need help, the waiter can help to cook. 

The outcome (my cooking not the waiter's) of my teppanyaki was savory tender pork that was well marinated with the sweet and salty teppanyaki sauce. The sauce was delicious and brought out the best balance in sweet and savory for the chicken meat. The cabbage and shredded carrots were also delicious after grilled. 4/5

For the healthy eaters, the shabu-shabu (below) was not bad and would appeal to the veggie lovers. It was a bottomless pot of cabbages, tofu, tomatoes, mushrooms. Personally I think the sukiyaki base would taste better.  3.5/5

Definitely a place that I would go back again and again to settle my teppanyaki craving. Except that I won't recommend you to go there before shopping/dating cause you'll smell like your food.
I hope you are digesting the important info.. Yes set lunch is super affordable at $8.90++ only! 

Address: 252 North Bridge Road, Raffles City SC, #B1-44B, Singapore 179103

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