26 November 2017


If blogs were geographic locations, you are in the Sahara now. Nowadays I seldom write here and I have sold my soul to Instagram (go: instagram.com/weekendeatwhat). But I can't stop thinking about a particular Char Siew for weeks since the fateful encounter. So I need to write about it. Hopefully the Char Siew ghost can stop harassing my hippocamus.

This is the Char Siew I was referring to. It caught me unexpected like a MRT fault (for a lack of better analogy that's trending). There's so much going on in each slice. They used the best part to make the Char Siew and the ratio of lean meat to fats was perfect. My heart melted as the Char Siew melted in my mouth. Not to mention that the caramelized sauce was sweet yet smoky. Best eaten with a bowl of warm white rice.

I can finally die without regrets.

Because we got a mixed platter ($24 for 2 roasts), the Char Siew was accompanied by the Sio Bak. The Sio Bak was also good and it crackles like a wafer. Each piece is a tetris layer of fats and lean meat. Goes best with the accompanying mustard sauce.

We got ourselves some vegetables as a courtesy to our carnivorous diet. Though it looks ugly, the Charcoal To Fu with Spinach and Wild Fungi ($14.80) was actually appetite-whetting and the sauce was addictive.

Oh Char, you have spoilt me. Now, Char Siew can never be the same again!


  1. I've only eaten here once and it was cos my friends kept pushing to try it out, they were raving about char siew as well :P

  2. Wow.. Reading your review melts my heart too.
    I had tried the Char siew @ BTK before, it was not bad, but nevertheless I will give it a try someday !

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