26 June 2017

Peranakan Flavours

Peranakan Flavours is quite a low-key restaurant compared to its peers such as Candlenut/Violet Oon. They were originally in Ardennes Hotel, a boutique hotel along Jalan Klapa. Recently, they have moved to Tan Quee Lan street which is much more accessible from Bugis MRT station. 

Being an ardent fan of Peranakan food and a frequent visitor of Bugis, this was right up my alley.

The menu comprises the usual suspects: babi pongteh, buah keluak, though there were quite a few special ones that caught my attention.

Hae Cho

Out of the appetizers, this Hae Cho ($16++) caught our attention. Wrapped in crispy fried beancurd skin, the fillings were substantial, made of minced prawns, pork and water chestnuts. The accompanying plum sauce elevated the overall taste of this savoury dish by giving it a sweet and sour note.

Laksa goreng
The chef's personal recommendation: Laksa goreng ($15++). Woah.

I can have this every day if only it doesn't give me clogged arteries. A twist to the soupy laksa, this comes in a dry version with a texture akin to hokkien mee. The thin noodles and other essential ingredients such as tau pok, prawns, egg are drenched in a thick home-made rempah gravy that packs a spicy umami punch. Very satisfying.

Sotong Hitam

Another chef's recommendation: Sotong Hitam ($18++). No woah for this though. The squid was a bit tough for our old teeth to chew. The lemongrass, which was supposed to be in the supporting role, was in conflict with the sweet black sauce. The result was an identity crisis that confused us.

The modest decor couldn't have been more ironic to the rich flavours of Peranakan cuisine. But it's ok. It was a delicious one-way ticket (albeit pricey) to food coma. 

Not trying to be a cheapskate but I think this place will bring in the crowds if the prices were about 33.33% cheaper. A promising establishment. 

Address:  7 Tan Quee Lan Street Singapore 188096
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peranakanflavours/

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