26 April 2015

Tokyo | Clinton Street Baking Co

I visited Clinton Street Baking Company New York version in Dec 2013 (full story) and has been pining for the best pancakes ever.

The problem: 15,323km (and likely a two hour queue of famished humans) stands in between me and the best pancakes ever.

I was back in Tokyo last December for a business meeting. And I had a couple of hours before my meeting at 10am on a Tuesday morning. Thanks to Google, I discovered that the famous Clinton St bakery cafe had a franchise in Tokyo. Problem solved. Without further ado, I embarked on my journey to the Tokyo edition located in pretty charming Omotesando neighborhood. People were cycling to work or school. I was the first customer to an empty shop at 8am.

Needless to say, I ordered the blueberry pancakes (¥1,500 or ~S$16). They were almost the same as NYC version. Fluffy and soft, it was like eating my pillow. The secret is they fold egg whites into the batter which made the pancakes light and tasty even on its own without the blueberries. The sweet blueberries elevated this dish to be the best pancakes I've ever eaten. 

A lovely brunch ended with me taking a super crowded subway back during peak hour. It's worst than Singapore because they really push you into the cabin. Like stacked pancakes. 

Address:  5-17-1 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo (nearest subway: Omotesando)

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