11 March 2015

The Hangar

The Hangar is quite a weird name for a cafe. At first, I misread it as hanger. A hanger is a structure which is used to hang clothes etc. A hangar is a place from which aeroplanes take off /land.

The Hangar is one of those hipster cafes that has landed (pun not intended) in the Kampong Glam neighbourhood - home to many other hipster cafes. While many kids call me auntie (or rather their parents insisted they call me auntie although I am often mistaken as a student), I am proud to inform that I know what is the meaning of hipster.

The Hangar is a hipster cafe because:
  1. It has a sexy attitude. See the big sign “sexy coffee” at the shopfront? And the explicit use of the word “sh*t” in the shopfront is probably not approved by non-hipsters. Only hipsters would approve its attitude.
  2. It has industrial-like interior that screams metal and rock, like all other hipster cafes. The counter is a bar and when day turns to dusk, this place serves alcohol. Or liquid diet as they call it.
  3. The people who hang out there are ang mohs and youngsters.
  4. They serve usual grub that hipsters eat, for e.g. big breakfast, toasties, waffles. For those who have a bigger appetite for brunch, The Hangar serves meat sandwiches. Try the lemongrass-fed steak sandwich ($12) which my friend endorsed. In between two slices of toasted sourdough bread was tender and flavourful steak garnished with caramelized onions, shimeiji mushrooms and homemade steak sauce. I am not a big fan of beef because I find it raw and metallic in most cases. But this version doesn't taste anything like that and it was actually quite nice. The End of the Rainbow ($12) which is actually a jar of granola with Greek yoghurt, strawberries, blueberries was a healthy alternative to the red meat. But it was overly sour for my liking.
  5. Like all hipster cafes, The Hangar serves pretty good coffee. We got the iced latte ($6) and Freeze the Marbles ($7). Freeze the marbles is actually an iced blended latte and I like how it’s not overly bitter and acidic. Why is it called Freeze the marbles? Because "iced blended latte" is too mainstream for hipsters.
We managed to get a deal off Deal.com.sg which we paid $12 for $25 worth of food. Prices are nett without service charge. So it turns out about $12 for each person. Cheap for a hipster brunch. This place is kinda small and does not fit in a lot of people. They do take reservations so do call them first especially on weekends when it can get kinda crowded.

Address: 25 Arab Street, 199724
Tel: 6291 0127

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