21 February 2015

Manbok Chinatown Korean BBQ & Steamboat

Happy CNY!

It's been a while.. Have been really busy at work and there was no time to blog. I would have thrown in some vulgarities here but since it's CNY, let's keep things harmonious and pleasant. 

Anyway I am so glad to get some time off during this CNY.. Despite life being kind of tied up, I unwound it by going down to Chinatown for Korean BBQ dinner a few Fridays ago! 

Seriously, good food makes me happy. Even though I had to return to office after the dinner to continue working.

What's so special about Manbok is that it has both steamboat and BBQ buffet. Best of both worlds. The other one I can think of is Seoul Garden. But after Manbok, I won't be going Seoul Garden anymore. 

They have this suction thing that helps to suck away the smoke and oil. Though we still smell like our food, the smell is not that strong. But not a good idea to bring a hot date because your view will be obstructed.

And while you are waiting for your meats to cook, chomp on some cooked food. Esp these crispy Korean chicken wings that are coated with soy and garlic. OMG they are like the best. Ever. Needless to say, I had a few rounds of these. And they are always available in hot and piping mode. Well done Manbok!

Before cooking:

After cooking:

Here's my guide on which Manbok meats to piah!

My most favourite would be the marinated pork collar, followed by the spicy pork belly that has the perfect ratio of translucent fat layer and lean meat layer. The chicken leg was awesome too - tender and juicy. My fellow diner loves the non-marinated pork belly which you could really taste the sweetness of the pork. Manbok's meats are really high quality and substantial. They have a lot of beef too but I'm not a beef fan. 

For the record, vegetables were consumed too:

As for the steamboat, you determine the soup - clear soup which is actually a clam soup, or spice it up by adding some Korean spice sauce.

The buffet comes with free flow of drinks. The mango juice was not bad but the lemon juice cannot make it. And of course, there is free vanilla and chocolate ice-cream!

And yes, free beer for more than 4 pax. Blink blink blink..

They have a lunch buffet at a charity price of $15 nett on weekdays and $18 on weekends! I haven't personally tried the lunch buffet. But if the spread is similar to dinner, then I must say it's really very worth it. Are we like in 1995? 

The dinner buffet was $29+ (no GST but 10% service charge), which is also not bad given that the quality is really good and you get steamboat + BBQ + cooked food + unlimited Korean fried chicken+ fruits + drinks + ice-cream. And free beer for groups with 4 pax or more.

For the gambling kings and queens who have huat from CNY illegal gambling already, consider some unstoppable feasting at Manbok.

Address: 277 New Bridge Road s (088752) - Located in a shophouse.
Tel: 6557 0939

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