14 January 2015


Thanks to The Little Nyonya, I fell in love with everything that is Peranakan. I love the kebaya. I love Jeanette Aw and Joanne Peh. I love the Peranakan food.  So when I saw Groupon offering $20 for $40 worth of food at Peramakan, I quickly took the wise action. 

Peramakan has 2 branches, one in East Coast Road and the other near Harbourfront in Keppel Club. We visited the East Coast Road after making a reservation. I love restaurants that take reservations. Because queuing is a waste of life. (PS: The East Coast outlet closed already! Now left with Keppel Club outlet)

There were a lot of choices in the menu and we took quite a while to decide because all of them sounded good. 

Babi Pontay ($14++)which is braised fatty pork was one of the dishes we ordered. Peramakan's Babi Pontay was soft and tender and the delicious bean sauce which was slightly salty enveloped in the meat.

The Chap Chye ($10++) is cabbage and other assorted vegetables cooked in a yellow sauce which was probably made from beans. Hearty and feels like homemade dish that mama can cook.

The Otah ($18++) was substantial and has a lot of ingredients - prawns, fish. We can even see the mackerel fish meat. And the prawns. It was very spicy and moist. And the portion was very big. 

Rice is $1 but it is refillable for free. Service was attentive and the waiters will refill water and rice whenever they see that my glass and plate is not filled. Overall, while the food is not heavenly but more homely, I think this place is worth a visit especially when there are special offers. 

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