7 January 2015

328 Katong Laksa

Time: 3pm

Location: 328 Katong Laksa

Mission: To eat the legendary laksa that beat Gordon Ramsay.

My detective nose could smell the coconut milk and laksa fragrance in the air just a few shops ahead. The lady boss was cooking the broth. I got XS size for $5. It was really XS. Hmmm good things come in small sizes? 

The noodles were short and hence no chopsticks required, typical of nyonya laksa. What can I say? The gravy is indeed to die for. For me, it has the best balance between coconut milk and chilli spices. The umami flavour was distinct in every sip. And the sambal chilli was full of oomph - very spicy. The prawns and fish cakes were size XS too. There were also tiny prawn bits which gave a nice finishing texture to the gravy.

Even though a bit expensive for street food and the size is quite small, it is a must eat to complete my food pilgrimage. And I guess a must eat at least once in a lifetime for everyone. Mission accomplished!

Tip next time: Remember to go to the aircon room next door instead of sitting in the hot coffee shop.

Address: 216 East Coast Road Singapore 428770

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