8 January 2014

London | Burger & Lobster

First impression - This place reminded me of Overeasy a lot. It's kind of dim. There's a bar. Groovy pop was played. We were denied entry at 10 plus because there was a 1.5hr waiting list. Who eats lobster at such an hour? Nevertheless we devised a strategy and returned next day at 3pm. And we still needed to wait for 1 hr.. But this time my strategy was to shop around while waiting (the place was near Oxford Street. Oxford street to London is like Orchard to Singapore). And by the time we got back to Burger & Lobster, with shopping loots, the waitress whisked immediately to our table. Mission accomplished ;)

The regulars would know that there are only three items on the menu: Lobster, Burger, lobster roll. Each cost £20. Very cut-to-the-chase menu, I like. However I made the unwise decision to order 2 lobster dishes instead of a lobster and a burger. So it was kind of lobster overdose.

Lobster - either grill it or steam it. I chose the unhealthy tastier option of grilling it. I think my picture doesn't do justice on how humongous this was. The waitress must have smirked when she saw my jaws dropped after this "how-am-I-supposed-to-finish-this" lobster was served. Basically it occupied half the table. Anyway, taste-wise, this was godly and justified the long wait. Finally I get to eat you lobster. I forgot to take a photo of the butter lemon garlic sauce - the secret sauce. Dab the juicy tender lobster meat in the sauce, as much as you can. The partially charred meat was fresh and easy to extract from the shells.

Although the lobster roll seemed to be much smaller than the lobster, this was also made to impress. The cold lobster salad coupled with the crispy fragrant buttery toasted bread was a combination that had me sold. I like the dressing and the garnishes such as tomatoes used.

Totally worth making the trip to B&L twice!

Address: 36 Dean St, London

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  1. Such an amazing food place you shared here. I love eating a burger, it is the best option for a quick bite during a busy schedule. I will surely check it out. thanks for sharing.


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