11 November 2013

Penny University

Penny University is the Eastie's best kept secret. The only problem is that everyone and their grandma knows about it. I have been wanting to go there for the longest time, to see for myself if the online raves were justified.

Throng of early-risers on a Saturday morning, seriously?

I got a little cute mango cupcake ($4). Quite expensive for this size. Luckily it tasted good. In fact, it was one of the better cupcakes I've had. Sweet mango jam filled the core of the fluffy and moist pastry. Vanilla cream atop the cupcake and decorated with stripes of mango jam. I like how it wasn't overly sweet and how light it was. A simple cupcake yet it was satisfying. 4/5

I am no coffee expert but the iced mocha ($6.50) that I ordered tasted excellent in my opinion. The mocha was smooth and balanced. Talk about that perfect ratio between the bitterness of the coffee beans and the sweetness of the chocolate. Makes me wanna shout, "Penny University, you've got a very good barista!" 4.5/5

Judging from the hype over it on the net, I could see why the Marmite toast with poached eggs and cheese ($4.50) was a crowd pleaser. The toast was spread with marmite and cheese, making it very salty and savory. Looked at that poached egg! Doesn't it look heavily pregnant? Golden orange runny egg yolk flows out when the knife cuts through it. Only one word could describe when I soak the toasted bread in the egg yolk and the melted cheese - Blissful! The accompany refreshing greens gave a healthy side to the dish. Although the portion looks little, it was sufficient enough for my brunch. 4.5/5

While I adore the rustic wooden theme - wooden chairs & tables, wooden cupboard, I wished the ambience was quieter. In fact, it was too noisy until I couldn't make out the music playing in the background. A planned morning of solitude was shortened by the incoming flux of customers queuing up which made me feel too guilty to linger around any longer. 

However, I observed that the queue at 10 or 11am was much shorter. Hence try to come at those times else you might have to join the insane queue which was trying to get in at 12pm. 

In conclusion, a lovely cafe that's worth every penny (pun intended) except it was too overcrowded. 

Warning: They only accept cash and NETS.

402 East Coast Road Singapore 428997
Opening hours:
Tues to Thurs 8:30am - 6:00pm
Fri and Sat 8:30am - 12:00am
Sun 8:30am - 9.00pm
Closed on Mon

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