16 November 2013

Blanco Court Prawn Mee

Have you ever eaten a bowl of perfect prawn mee?

I found the perfect prawn mee at Blanco Court Prawn Mee. However, its elusive opening hours from 7.15am to 4pm meant that it could only be a weekend affair for me. You see, for me, waking up early to drop by Blanco Court for a prawn mee breakfast before work on a weekday would be more difficult than solving a PSLE Maths question.

Choose from a hearty bowl of jumbo prawn noodles ($8/$10) which had bigger tiger prawns, or the smaller prawns (with or without ribs) version that cost half the price ($4.50/$5.50). For those who are repulsive towards peeling the prawns with bare hands, Blanco Court is considerate enough to half the prawns so that it is easier to extract that fresh sweet meat from the shell. Without using the hands of course.

We could not stop hankering for the broth, the most important component of any prawn soup. The broth packed a robust punch with bursting umami-packed flavors and the briny sweetness of the crustaceans. The fried shallots in the soup were infused to entice the taste buds. The best part? Free refills.

Somehow, it has become a non-obligatory yet mandatory thing to order some Ngoh hiang from the neighboring stall. Can't help it because the deep fried Ngoh Hiang was a savory and addictive appetizer to the prawn mee feast. The prawn crackers and fritters didn't leave much impression though.

So, do you have a perfect prawn mee soup in mind other than Blanco Court? Do share with me!

243 Beach Road
Singapore 189754

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