2 November 2013


I think everyone should have a Friday night hideout...You know, like a place which we hang out at after a hard and difficult work week. Personally, I think Overeasy fits the bill easily. After all, their marketing line says it, "When the going gets tough, the tough goes Overeasy."

Comfort food such as fries, burgers, snacks make up the pretty comprehensive menu. There is also an all-day breakfast section and a few pasta dishes. The alcoholics are sure to find something in their wide range of drinks.

The Spicy Wings with Blue Cheese Dressing ($18 for 6 wings, below) caught my attention. There were 4 spiciness levels to choose from: Wimp, Average Joe, Hot Stuff, Crazy Mofo. Not wanting to be called wimp, average or crazy, we proudly declared we wanted Hot Stuff to the server. Not for the faint-hearted as it was rather spicy in my opinion. Dip the chunky smoky wings in the accompany blue cheese dressing and it delivered an unique sour and spicy taste. But too spicy for my liking. 3.7/5

Since they were unabashed enough to declare that their cheese steak sliders ($16 for 6, below) are famous in their menu, we just had to get it.. These ultra mini burgers look so cute! I could just pop one entirely into my mouth. Fork-tender steak coupled with savory melted cheese - an addictive mix. 4/5

Do they really handcut the handcut haystack fries ($12, below) with Parmesan cheese and rosemary? I don't know the answer but they were crisp and not oily. Pretty normal. 3/5

Servers were attentive and refilled our ice water promptly. However, we witnessed the ruining of a Chanel bag that belonged to a customer. One of the servers accidentally poured beer on it. R.I.P. Chanel bag.

While there is an indoor dining area which would be perfect for a hot and humid night, my preference would be the al-fresco area by the river. Don't you love the view? It's like I was in a energy-filled place  with groovy pop blasting in the background, and yet at the same time, feeling serene and chilled looking at the calm river and MBS that was opposite the river. I wouldn't mind sitting all night and staring at this view.

I say, easy way to start the weekend.

Tip: If you hang around after midnight, it's 20% off the bill for late night supper menu.
If the STI ends lower for the day, mini burgers are on sale at $1 from 5.30pm to 7pm

1 Fullerton Road #01-06 One Fullerton Singapore 049213

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