12 October 2013

Macau | What to snack

This post cost me a heartache to write. Because it made me want to fly to Macau immediately and eat them!

Anyway for those of you out there who have plans to visit Macau soon, good for you. Please help me to eat on my behalf these delicacies.

#1- Lord Stow's egg tarts

First on the list would be The Lord Stow's legendary Portuguese egg tarts. Although there is an outlet at Venetian which was more convenient, we went to the original bakery in Coloane town since we were also in Coloane for sight-seeing.

The original outlet looked like it had been around since my grandfather's time..

Looks can be deceiving because once we entered the bakery, we were greeted by these loveliest egg tarts freshly baked.

The greedy value-hunter me bought 6 even though there were only 2 persons eating.. Each tart cost MOP 8. A box of 6 cost MOP 45. Of cuz it would be smarter to buy more right? :p

It wasn't a sit down cafe but there were benches outside the cafe for us to sit down and eat.

I swear Lord Stow's egg tarts are da bomb! The flaky crust was crispy and coupled with the soft and smooth egg creamy custard, it was a piece of heaven. Caramelized sugar gives the tart the slightly burnt look. 

I ate the rest for supper back at the hotel. And even after they turned cold, it was still as tasty! Someone once mentioned before that the highest level of cooking skill is displayed when the food still tastes good even when it turns cold. I guess Lord Stow's tarts would be a very good example.
One last look before it goes to my tummy..

Go, going, gone!

Address: 1 Rua do Tassara, Coloane Town Square, Macau
#2 - Gelatina Mok Yi Kei

Want some sweet stuff after dinner?

We found this little shop in Rua do Cunha or 官也街.

We got the Serradura. No it's not some sea monster. 
It is a type of Macau dessert also known as sawdust pudding. It's actually a vanilla ice-cream atop with very very fine biscuit crumbs. The biscuit tasted like Marie biscuit used for the base of cheesecake. Now, imagine it's grinded into very very tiny particles like sawdust, hence the name sawdust pudding. 

The combination was heavenly! I am not sure about other places but the sawdust from Mok Yi Kei was ultra fine and made it an enjoyment just to eat it.

The mango jelly (MOP 18) was also refreshing and smooth.

Address: 9A, Rua do Cunha, Taipa
#3 - Leitaria I Son 義順鮮奶

If you are familiar with Yee Shun (not the Yishun in Singapore), the famous milk pudding cafe in Hong Kong, below is where it all began.

Yee Shun Milk Company originated from Macau. There are quite a few outlets in Macau. Below is one of it located in the old Macau town along the main busy street 新馬路. It's a small shophouse and we had to share seats with strangers.

I had the Ginger Milk Pudding 熱巧手薑汁撞奶 (MOP 28), their specialty. Look at how smooth it is! I loved how light it was, and yet there was the recognizable subtle spiciness from the ginger. The ginger was not overwhelming and together with the milk custard, it was an unique dessert.

My mum had the Coconut milk with sago 椰汁奶西米露 (MOP 20), a refreshing thirst quencher on a hot summer day.

I must commend the cashier. We had to pay our MOP 50 meal with a MOP 500 note and the cashier didn't complain. He even helped us with our directions on where to find our hotel shuttle bus. In fact, throughout the whole trip in Macau, many friendly locals helped us with directions :)

Address: Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro 新馬路60號

#4 - Hang Heong Un 杏香园

We had some traditional Chinese desserts at a shophouse too. I like my desserts to be light and non-overwhelming. That's the purpose desserts should serve. Hang Heong Un serves some really nice ones but I can't help thinking they are overpriced.

I had the Longan White Fungus soup (cold) which cost MOP 37. That's like S$7! Apart from the price, I don't have much complains about the dessert. It's really nice, delicate and the sweetness was well balanced.

My mum had the Coconut Red Bean Iced (MOP 30). It's like drinking a coconut ice kachang. The coconut taste complemented red beans well and makes a refreshing drink after a heavy dinner.

Address: Map 13 Travessa do Matadouro, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro

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