16 October 2013

Hong Kong | Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan. The famous Michelin star from Hong Kong. That hole-in-the-wall eatery. The name that caused heart-beats to stop when it first landed in Singapore. The shop that had rumbling tummies queuing up for hours waiting to devour the handmade dim-sum. 

This is a story of how I went to the Tim Ho Wan outlet in Hong Kong and how I didn't queue for long.

As the original outlet at Mongkok was closed down due to high rents, we went to the IFC outlet at Central. Had a bit of issues in finding the outlet. But nothing is going to stand in between me and my beloved Char Siu Pau. With a bit of help from shop attendants, passerbys and a policeman, we found it :)) It's actually quite simple. Once you exit Central station, find Airport Express check-in signs. Take the lift that goes to Airport Express level but alight at level P1. It's right outside the lift.

Somehow there weren't a lot of people during dinner time at 6.30pm. We took a queue number and waited about 5 minutes.

The ordering system is fuss-free one where you indicate the number of items you want and pass to the waiter. The waiter will then pass the list to kitchen.

If you
1) don't know what to order, and/or
2) don't know Chinese,
just make sure you put more than "1" for the item I circled in red below.

I was referring to the Char Siew Pau. One has not visited Tim Ho Wan if one has not eaten the legendary Baked Char Siew Pau (HKD 18 for 3, below). It is seriously the best Char Siew Pau in the world!! The baked crust is crispy yet soft at the same time. As the teeth sinks into the crust, it crumbles.. into the sweet and savoury Char Siew meat that's filled in the bun. 5/5

The Siew Mai with prawn (HKD 24, below), was fresh and had the springy nom nom factor. I've eaten a lot of Siew Mai and Tim Ho Wan's version ranks high in the list for me. 4/5

The reason why Tim Ho Wan's dim sum are so good is because they make the dim sum only when the customer orders, hence ensuring the freshness of the dim sum. This is very evident in its Prawn Dumpling or Har Kau (HKD 24, below) which I could taste the freshness and sweetness of the prawns beneath the skin. 4/5

I loved its Carrot Cake (HKD 14, below) which has bits of shrimp, giving it the savoury taste. 4/5

My favourite way to end off the excellent dim sum dinner - the refreshing and light Osmanthus cake (HKD 12, below). It's not heavy and gives the feeling of cleansing of the palates. 4/5

So that's my Michelin dinner that cost less than S$10 per pax. And most importantly, it's satisfying and once again proves that good food need not necessarily be expensive.

Shop 12A, Hong Kong Station (Podium Level 1, IFC Mall) Central

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