9 July 2013

O Coffee Club

I loved GSS! Besides the shopping deals, there are always promotions on food. O' Coffee Club has a GSS promotion until 28 July which you can get free soup of the day and a drink if you purchase 2 pasta dishes and pay by UOB card. However, the pasta choices are limited to only a few only.

The soup of the day was mushroom soup (below). It was creamy and tasty. The addition of spring onion was a bit weird though.

Coffee club

For the drink, we were given two choices: green apple mint or strawberry soda. I got the strawberry soda (below) which came with slices of real strawberry. It was very nice and not overly sweet.

Coffee club

Ordered the Mad Seafood Pasta ($18.50, below) in tomato pesto, mussels, prawns and squid. The pesto sauce tasted a bit diluted for me. The seafood would be better if it was fresher. Overall, not excellent but still good.

Coffee club

The Teriyaki Chicken Pasta ($17.50, below) had quite a generous amount of teriyaki chicken pieces. The teriyaki chicken was yummy and tasty.

Coffee club

Overall, it was quite a good deal. Looking forward to the next GSS!

Interesting fact: Actually I didn't know what is pesto. I did a Google and found it is a sauce made up of crushed garlic, basil, pine nuts blended with olive oil,  parmesan cheese and Fiore Sardo (cheese made from sheep's milk). Pesto means pound and the ingredients are pounded in a mortar.

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