14 July 2013

BonChon Chicken

Had a serious craving for fried chicken on Saturday night and headed down to BonChon chicken at Bugis+ to get my fix. The restaurant is located on the first floor and split into 2 with a corridor in the middle which allows patrons to get to the other restaurants next to it e.g Ma Maison and Kungfu Paradise. Apart from normal seats, there are also bar tables.

For the chicken, the menu allows you to choose either ala carte or combo set. We went for the small combo set ($14.90) which comprises of 6 wings and 2 drumsticks. You need to choose which flavor : soy garlic or hot. You can also mix the flavors for medium and large sets. We chose hot flavor.

We were famished (it was close to 9pm).. but luckily we didn't have to bang our tables to demand our food to be served immediately.. That's because within like 2 minutes after we made our order, the delicious fried chicken arrived. We were quite amazed at the serving speed. And we were grinning like happy kids after we bite into the chicken..


Look at that skin on the drumlet below.


The moist fried crunchy skin that cracked in my mouth. My craving was instantly fixed as I chewed on the skin which was coated with flavorful sweet spicy sauce. It's definitely different from KFC. It was not overly oily. We loved the wings more than the drumstick. The drumstick meat was bland and dry. Overall, i think the wings and drumlets, not the drumsticks, were the highlight.

Fond memories of munching that end parts of the wings.. 


We also ordered a seafood tofu kimchi soup ($8.80, below). Based on menu description, it was supposed to contain squid, prawn. However, I only managed to find a miserable piece of prawn meat, not even a full prawn. There were a lot of tofus and kimchi instead. I was wondering if they made a mistake in serving the wrong soup.


I also learnt that unlike other fried chicken, Korean chicken is fried twice so that the skin is crispier and less oily. Korean fried chicken also uses younger and smaller sized chickens and hence the meat is supposed to be more tender. BonChon chicken also claims it has no trans fat.. So does it mean I can eat more of it in the future ? Yippie!!


01-11 Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street
Telephone 6884-4768

Opening hours:
M to S - 11am to 11pm

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