17 January 2016

The Snacks of Bangkok

So I went to Bangkok last month for a short holiday and before it becomes another one of my undocumented travels (like my Taiwan trip in Dec 2014), I thought I'll better write it down before I forget everything.

Basically I put away the weighing machine and turned on the feasting machine.  Of course I didn't eat all day. When I'm not eating, I'll be shopping for snacks to bring home. A list of my favourite snacks:

1. Cuttlefish snacks - blue, red, orange, in order of increasing spiciness (Big C)

My favourite is actually the blue one. Don't judge. Its level of spiciness is more acceptable by my taste buds. 

2. Mama Tom Yam Goong instant noodles (Big C)

This is supposedly one of the top ten instant noodles in the world. I find the taste a bit underwhelming despite using all the sauce and mix. Nevertheless, still not too bad compared to other brands I had.

3. Thai Milk Tea (Big C) 

Requires no introduction. It's way cheaper in Thailand.

4. Koh Kae Peanuts shrimp flavour (Big C)

Was trying to find the Tom yam flavour in Big C but can't find. So I got the shrimp flavour to try. The peanuts are crunchy and coated with thin layer of shrimp flavored mix. Quite palatable and addictive.

5. Pretz Tom Yam flavour (Big C)
Addictive mid day snack but some might find it overly seasoned. Might be bad for health but who cares..

6. 林真香 crispy thin pork biscuits

I call them paper pork because they are as thin as paper. The pork meat is pressed and baked into a crackly and light texture. 

7. 林真香 XO egg roll with pork floss - a must buy

Fragrant XO sauce fluffy pork floss is wrapped in a thin crackly egg roll. A simple snack that offers enjoyment in texture and taste.

8. Koh Kae Peanuts Tom Yum Flavour (Chatuchak Weekend Market) 

I was hunting this in Big C and every single convenience store. Lo and behold I found the Tom yum flavour at a Koh Kae speciality store in Chatuchak! Addictive and irresistible, I am amazed at the quality of the crunchy peanuts and how Tom Yum matches it so well.

9. Rice crackers crab curry and Tom Yam flavours (from airport)

These lightweight rice crackers surely made me feel less guilty even if they are crab curry and Tom Yum. 

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