15 June 2015

Teppei Omakase

Getting a reservation for Teppei's omakase dinner used to be equivalent to waiting for a blue moon. The reservation list is a few months wait. And they only open their hotline for reservation every quarter. You might as well try buying 4D too if you are the lucky one that gets through their literally hot-line.

That's until one fine day, they finally changed the reservation system which allows first-timers (with super fast broadband) to have a comparative advantage.

So the drill is I need to get into their webpage to register my name and mobile number. After which, they will scan the mobile numbers for first-timers and call me back. And the drill starts at 8am. On a Saturday.

After utilizing five alarm clocks to wake me up on a Saturday morning at 8am, I finally got the reservation. Though I struggle to understand why 8am Teppei??

And you thought I would glam up the occasion by taking leave, scrub myself up, and arrive like 1 hour earlier on the day. The reality was I was late by 15 minutes. Rushed there after work on Friday.

Which is still fine because they started the omakase only when I arrived.

Seriously I can't recall how many courses were served. They only served the $80 course on weekends including Friday. 

Foie Gras, not Teppei san's liver 

Edamame or Wasabi - Depends on your luck

Peanut - Teppei san joked it is from NTUC 

A chef who loves his job

Till death do us part

Yuzu / Matcha icecream

The million $80 question: Was it worth it?

Honestly, for the amount of courses we got, it was totally worth it. I can't recall a bad course. I enjoyed the uni (see urchin), foie gras, and the beef most. As for the sushi, I had better ones at Tsukiji Market. But I guess nothing can't beat that because I ate at 6am in Tsukiji (see post here) which the fish was like just caught.

And the value of it was probably higher since sleep was sacrificed on a weekend to get the reservation. 

All in all, it's possibly the most affordable omakase in town. This is likely my only most expensive meal of the year. I think I chose well.

Address: 1 Tras Link, Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867

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