10 July 2014

The Reading Room

The Reading Room is like a baby brother to the clan associations, trendy boutique hotels and the upmarket restaurants that lined up Bukit Pasoh road. 

During the day, it offers an avenue for reading and a reprieve from the hustle and bustle for the book-lovers. When dusk falls, the reading room is transformed into a happy hour spot for the nocturnal animals.

The walls are lined with floor to almost ceiling bookshelves, giving it a serious yet  at the same time relaxing feel. But unlike a real library reading room, you are allowed to talk freely without garnering the disapproving glares from your fellow patrons. There are also board games available for big groups. 

A wide variety of books await for the bookworm to indulge on. From children's books to love poetry. From chick-lit to serious political literature. There's genre for everyone.

Even the menu is made from a book's cover. Never judge a book by its cover.

This is my good read for the day:

As Frances Ann Lebontiz puts it accurately, "Think before you speak. Read before you think." Books nourishes the mind as to food nourishes the body.

Even though there weren't a lot of people, the service was rather slow. Waited quite a while before my food came.  The ang moh/ABC sitting next to me got their food faster than me. Hmmm why ah?

I ordered the Kro-battered fish fingers ($13.80+) which was served piping hot. The light, yeasty and crisp batter was a bit oily. The fish meat was soft and disintegrated when I cut it with the fork. Think this would go very well with beer. But the peach fizz ($6+) that I got did a good job to refresh the palate after the deep fried mouthful too. 3.5/5

I visited the cafe's toilet and was amused by this poster in the toilet.

They also have a separate room with a pool table. Good for gatherings if you are interested.

Although the food and drinks were nothing to shout about (standard cafe grub), The Reading Room is quite a decent cafe to hang out and have a date with a bf/gf/book.

Address: 19 Bukit Pasoh Road Singapore 089833

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