27 August 2013

Wimbly Lu Chocolate Cafe

Time of crime: 10 Aug 2013, Saturday 5pm

Crime scene: Wimbly Lu @ Jalan Riang.

The victim: Me, who has lost interest in chocolates for quite a while. I like chocolates but I can live without them, really.

The suspects:
Root Beer Cake ($6, below). It's a very thick and dense chocolate cake. I couldn't taste the root beer on my first bite. But it was there, subtly, as I took my second bite. And then third bite no root beer.. Fourth bite yes. It's like the secret killer that's playing hide and seek with me. With its accomplice, cold and sweet vanilla ice cream, they make a good partnership. 4/5

Waffles with cheesecake ice-cream and chocolate sauce ($8.50, below). Innocent-looking and like a girl/boy next door, a surprise awaited me as I bit into it. The crackling sound of the golden baked skin as my knife cut through it.. I realized that the more I consumed it, the more it devoured me. Extremely crispy on the outside, and soft, delicate and airy on the inside..and that trademark chocolate sauce that drizzled on it.. I'll be dreaming about it in my sleep. It would be the perfect assassin if not for the small blot of cheesecake ice-cream which didn't take my breath away totally. 4.5/5

Molten Lava cake ($6,below). Like a bomb, the impact hit me with just the first mouthful. Served warm, the luscious gooey chocolate sauce was pure intense chocolate concentrate. The ratio of bitterness to sweetness of this chocolate was just nice and perfect for me. However, I had to hunt for water after a few mouthfuls of this as it's quite heavy. Nevertheless, this made me remember why I used to love chocolates. 4/5

Cause of death: A sinful overdose of chocolates, sending the victim to heaven.

The ending: The police came, and he gave summon tickets to the illegal parkers. You have been warned.

Please use valet parking:

Other crime notes:
- Long queue of victims await at 5pm. I waited like 30 min just for 2 seats. Suggest to go during off peak times eg 6.30pm
- please drink lots of water as chocolate is heaty. 

The crime scene pics:
#1 - Cosy corner for big groups

#2 - Cosy corner for couples

#3 - I love the glass ceilings that allowed plenty of light to shine through.. 

#4 - Chocolate is the answer.

#5 - A red beetle parked outside the cafe. I love tortoise cars! There's this game that you need to hit your friend's head when you see a tortoise car. 

This is the place to get the chocolate craving fixed. With chocolate done perfectly, what it needs now is an element of unpredictability (in a favorable way) and new surprises.

15 Jalan Riang
Singapore 358987
Check out their facebook page for latest opening hours: Wimbly Lu Facebook

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