20 November 2014

Mr and Mrs Mohgan's super crispy roti prata

Roti prata - my most favourite form of breakfast. And Mr Mohgan served one of the best I have ever eaten. 

Located in a Joo Chiat coffee shop called Poh Ho that looks pretty old, one feels like time has stopped here. 

I ordered two plain prata ($0.90 each). I love my prata to be plain because it is healthier. Healthier than those with fancy stuff like cheese.

As per the name of the shop, the prata is indeed crispy but it is not super crispy. But I love love love the way it is. And it is slightly charred on the outside and soft on the inside. And that gentle crackling sound when it is cut. Perfect when eating with the accompanying spicy curry. 

I also like that it is not dripping with oil. I also like that it is easy to cut the prata with the spoon. I've eaten prata which is so hard that it is difficult to tear the prata with the spoon. 

I caught the owner Mr Mohgan smoking when not working. The stall name is Mr and Mrs Mohgan. But that day I didn't see Mrs Mohgan. Mr Mohgan said she was washing plates at the back. Haiz so old still need wash plates themselves.

I asked Mr Mohgan how did he make his prata so crispy.. He refused to say. I told him that his prata was very nice. He smiled.

What can I say.. This is simple food that is done to perfection. Strongly recommended if you are in the east. 

Address: 7 Crane Road 

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