23 April 2014

Oriole Coffee Roasters

I didn't know that this place was owned by a former National barista champion until after I visited it and was trying to research about it. 

Hmmm on second thoughts, I should have ordered the coffee instead of the the fizzy Bandung then. But then my friends ordered the cappuccino and latte which were ok.. No wows from them. My fizzy Bandung was pretty to see, sweet and refreshing to drink. It's like drinking sparkling water plus Bandung. 3/5

The food menu doesn't seem to offer a lot of choices. We all went for Pandan Kaya Butter Toast. I am very particular about my bread. I don't eat dry bread and hence I appreciated the moisture contributed by the layers of Pandan kaya and butter that were spread in between the lightly toasted bread. It was average and ok, nothing to shout about and pretty nice for a tea break.  3.5/5

We were there on a Saturday afternoon and the small place (probably can accommodate only 20 people?) was kinda filled up. We shared the common table with another group of people. It can get a bit rowdy. I love the nostalgic vibe that this place gives, from the old chinese shophouse setting to the intrinsic details such as the tingkat decorations. Service was not exactly memorable. One of the staff kept banging the poor coffee machine until everybody were shocked and kept quiet. 

Address: 10/10A Jiak Chuan Road Singapore 089264

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